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MP3Mover Eng 1.1

268 KB - Windows 9*/Me/NT/2K/XP - Рус. интерфейс: Нет - Free

Автор: Виталий Полищук

This programme intented for quick collection mp3 files from the computer in one directory! It is useful for recording music in mp3 format. It works as an application to programme Winamp. For any Windows version!

How it works:
1) Take of mark Read only from mp3 files;
2) Replace files to Winamp and delete songs, you don't need;
3) Save them in to playlist M3U file (NOT playlist PLS);
4) Start MP3Mover 1.1;
5) Indicate the place of playlist file;
6) Choose operation (delete, copy or move);
7) Press to Do it!

Good luck!

P.S.: Read "About programme" and write whot do you think about, thank you!


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